Fertility & Maternity Reflexology #01

Fertility Reflexology

The Association of Reflexologists believe that reflexology may be of great benefit to clients suffering with fertility issues. Based on feedback from Reflexologists, their understanding is that on average about 50% of clients seeking help through Reflexology for fertility issues, find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing treatment. However, it is vital to remember that each client is an individual and what might work for one person may not necessary work for the next.

Infertility can be an emotionally exhausting condition. 1 in 6 couples have trouble conceiving, miscarriages are increasingly common, sperm rates are falling and hormonal disorders are on the increase. An increasing number of women believe that reflexology has helped them conceive and some Gynecologists are now suggesting it before fertility drugs and some in conjunction with fertility treatment.

One of the major benefits of reflexology is the balancing of the endocrine system, the set of glands that produce the body's hormones. Hormones play a key role in fertility and pregnancy and can be affected by stress. In these days of high pressure careers and increased debt, as well as the underlying worry of infertility, stress could be one of the big reasons why couples are not getting pregnant.

Reflexology may help in promoting fertility by:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Achieving deep relaxation
  • Supporting and balancing the body through IVF cycles
  • Alleviating stress and tension
  • Balancing the endocrine (hormone) system
  • Bringing about balance to all the body systems
  • Using a lymphatic technique to stimulate the immune system
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Providing emotional support and time for YOURSELF

    If you are undergoing fertility treatment, Reflexology is not known to have any detrimental or negative effect on this treatment. Drugs such as clomiphene, which is used to control the hormone cycle and stimulate ovulation, do not appear to be affected by a client receiving reflexology.

    Reflexology may be greatly beneficial prior to any assisted conception treatments. Research has shown that using acupuncture along with reflexology during assisted conception techniques may increase success rates. Always check with your clinic first before starting your treatments. It is recommended that after embryo transfer you postpone further treatments until you are 12+ weeks pregnant.

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  • Fertility & Maternity Reflexology #02

    Maternity Reflexology

    Maternity reflexology is a wonderful holistic therapy which complements the natural event of childbirth. As your Maternity Reflexologist, I will support you and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy, helping your body to prepare for childbirth. Maternity reflexology encourages relaxation - especially important if you are juggling work commitments, young children....often both!

    Research studies have shown that expectant mothers who receive regular maternity reflexology treatments may enjoy much shorter labour times and require significantly less pain relief than those who did not have reflexology.

    Most women find that they go through considerable changes over and above the obvious physical ones during pregnancy. Hormones and emotions may become out of balance making some women feel fearful, tearful and vulnerable. Reflexology may help with physical discomforts and calm and soothe anxieties and stresses prior to giving birth. Maternity reflexology treatments will help ensure you are calm and relaxed and help prepare your body in the important time leading up to the birth of your baby.

    Reflexology may help with some of the following common problems experienced during pregnancy:

    • Digestive problems
    • Joint pain
    • Water retention
    • Sleep problems

    Please check with your consultant, GP or midwife if you have previously experienced premature labour, high blood pressure, placenta previa or bleeding before booking a treatment.

    Reflexology is the ideal opportunity for pregnant women to enjoy feeling pampered and relaxed. Throughout pregnancy, you will experience many changes to your body and emotions and many midwives recommend reflexology. Regular treatments may help to balance your hormones, boost your energy and help your body to be healthy and as comfortable as possible.

    Reflexology has firmly established its reputation and popularity by the many effective results women have experienced.

    In recent years reflexology has been shown to be successful in:

  • Promoting shorter labours closer to term
  • Helping couples adjust to the demands of a new baby
  • Supporting women through post-natal depression
  • Maintaining and increasing milk supply
  • Supporting the menstrual cycle as it returns to normal

    Maternity reflexology treatments will help ensure you are calm and relaxed and help prepare your body in the important time leading up to the birth of your baby.

    Reflexology may reduce your labour time.

    In 1988, Dr. Gowri Motha and Dr. Jane McGrath carried out a study into the effects of reflexology on labour. 37 pregnant women completed a course of ten treatments. Findings showed that women who received regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy were more likely to have shorter labour, required less pain relief and gave birth closer to their EDD. The average first stage of labour was 5 hours (compared to textbook figures of 16 to 24 hours) and 16 minute 2nd stage (compared to 1 to 2 hours).

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